Moving to Australia


  1. Free healthcare for permanent residents and citizens.
  2. Beautiful weather. Does not snow (except up in the mountains in winter).
  3. Australians are tolerant, non-xenophobic people.
  4. High minimum wage around $17 per hour. (However, the high cost of living negates this benefit).
  5. Education is free in government schools (primary and secondary school).
  6. Safe country. Low criminal rates.
  7. Clean water.
  8. Very high food safety standards.


  1. Cost of living is extremely high.
  2. Bad public transport. Trains and buses are not as frequent as they need to be and not every area can be reached by public transport.
  3. Shops close really early (around 6pm unless on a Thursday or pre-Christmas time).
  4. Bad roads (even in big cities like Sydney).
  5. Almost every native Australian animal has the ability to kill you (even Kangaroos). More deadly snakes than any other country. Australia has 8 out of top 10 deadliest snakes in the world. You'll be fine living in metro areas however if your home is near some bush-land or some fresh water, snakes & spiders likely to be found. That's just on land, but oceans and beaches have a similar story.
  6. Geographical isolation. Travel anywhere requires a long flight.
  7. High skin cancer rates due to harmful ultraviolet light from the sun. Australia is close to Antarctica, where there is a hole in the ozone layer that filters out UV rays, which makes UV light more dangerous and increases the risk of skin cancer.